Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Earn Points for Free Products

Want FREE products - who doesn't!

You can earn "chick points" by completing challenges, purchasing products, posting layouts....there are all sorts of ways to build up points toward digi collections! See my page Here to find out all the details.

So how do you get involved.....well it's easy. Sign up over at the DigiChick and start creating! There are lots of challenges to choose from.......do one or all of them! I've done two so far (I like free stuff too!) and plan to do a few more.  Here are my pages:

The Give Me Space Challenge:

This challenge has a template  you download for free and then tweak to follow the challenge of leaving lots of white space on your page. I used the Extrovert Collection from Creative Victorian by Lonetta Avelar.  The kit is one of her older releases, and I love how bright and sunny it is!

The Use It All Challenge:

This challenge provides you with a free mini kit to use and you must include all items in the kit to complete the challenge. You can tweak your page and add some additional elements if you choose. I didn't add additional elements....I created the page from just the items included in the mini kit.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 1st.......New Challenges & a Chance to Win!

It's March 1st! Do you know what that means? A new set of challenges for your creative delight! Join us over at the DigiChick for freebies, inspiration, and a chance to win $25 to Persnickety Prints!

You can find the challenges HERE

Friday, February 27, 2015

A Creative Victorian Freebie

As I mentioned in my last post, here is the quick page I created for you, using the kit Stray Ships from Creative Victorian.

I'm using a different service (Box) to store the files and this is my first upload there. It is so much nicer than 4Shared.........no guessing which button to use!  If you have a problem retrieving the file, please leave me a comment so I can check the link.

Personal use only!!
Enjoy the quick page! you can grab it Here

#cyfisher #cherylfisher #freebie

Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Release!

Netta - Creative Victorian has a new release this week over at Digichick........check it out!

The kit is Sweeping Heart. It's full of versatile elements to create stunning pages. The kit is perfect for romantic and feminine pages! The color combination along with the soft colors and floral elements gives the kit a nostalgic. Sweeping Heart is a kit that was inspired by how easy it is to let your heart get swept away on a tide of emotion.

Check back tomorrow as I'll have the the quick page from her last kit Stray Ships posted!
Have a happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Stray Ships.........

My first "official" post as a CT member for Creative Victorian over at the DigiChick!

This layout is from Stray Ships - the most recent kit by Lonetta Avelar. The deep purple and blues are so pretty! Now that I've worked with a few of her kits (a new release will be out soon) I like them more and more. I'm considering making this layout into a quick page, so check back in a few days and I should have it ready for you.

Check out the kit and then stop over at DigiChick to see what else she has......you'll love them!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hello Saturday!

I have news! and I'm so excited! I am now a CT member for Creative Victorian by Lonetta Avelar over at The Digichick!


If you don't know Lonetta, you MUST pop over and look at her beautiful kits! They are amazing and I can not wait to start working with them! You'll also want to sign up for her newsletter as they contain freebies you definitely want to get. You can  find her on Facebook, so be sure to "like" her page to stay update on new releases, challenges, freebies, the newsletter, etc.....and of course inspiration from her CT members.

Lonetta claims she is an "Artist on Overdrive" and she is......not only does she create beautiful digital scrapbook kits, but she creates gorgeous jewelry and stunning artwork.
Visit her web site Lonetta Avelar Designs and take a look, you'll fall in love with her creativity. You can see all of her jewelry and artwork products at her Etsy Store. I love love love the jewelry, it is very creative. Her choice of beads give her jewelry a natural, earthy look which is my favorite type of jewelry. Check out her Etsy Store ----> Here

I mean....seriously, just how adorable are these earrings!


So back to digi land, if you're not already, head over to The Digichick and register as a member of their forum and gallery........you'll find lots of inspiration, challenges, help with digital scrapping, etc..........I'm a new member there too, so be sure to look me up and send me a friend request..........my user name is Cyfisher.

Have a great weekend! I'll be spending mine working on a new quilt.......I have a whole lotta blocks to applique (196) and that's after I prepare the orange peel pattern to be appliqued. A perfect time to get his done considering it's sooooooo cold outside!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Cory!

Today is my son's 26th Birthday and I am missing him so very much. He's on the west coast and here I am in the Midwest.

I've said it before and I will never tire of saying just how proud I am of him. Watching him grow over the years has been one of my greatest blessings. He never fails to amaze me, as he has already received numerous awards and accolades in his young life ..... and all of them shows the dedication, courage, determination, and honor he has. A veteran of the US Navy he just received the Presidential Unit Citation.....the highest honor bestowed to a Navel Unit.

He will be attending Law School after college and I have no doubt he will succeed and make a difference in this world. Cory is not one to just sit idly by and watch things happen.....he's the type that MAKES things happen.......he has a spark in side of him that strives to be more and do more. And. He. Will

Happy Birthday my son...........I love you so very much.

6th Birthday Party

Stone Henge - Summer 2013

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A New Look

It's always fun to get a "new look".....be it a new hairstyle, something for the home, or even a blog! I mentioned a few posts back I was going to update my blog and here it is. I'm so ready for warm spring weather and I decided to create something that will keep my mind off of the snow and cold going on right now. Brrrrrrr.........the weather has been so nasty! I'm ready for Old Man Winter to call it a season for the year.

I created the left border using different elements from several Weeds and Wildflowers kits......nothing too fancy, I wanted something simple. I think it's much more eye pleasing than what I had. I still have a few gadgets to add and a title graphic, but it's pretty much how I want it.

Keep an eye out..........just got the news that Mel is over her "vacation" from designing and a new kit is due out March 1st! YAY! I can't wait to see what she has created, and of course you can find it right here.

Stay warm if you're in the snow and cold........and if you're someplace warm........send that sunshine and warmth my way.

Be back in a day or two with pics of a finished quilt project and another one I've begun to work on (yep......winter is the perfect season for quilting).

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

I just couldn't let Valentine's Day go by without using the Weeds and Wildflowers Love Collection and Simply You and Me Kit, to create a quick page for you. I love both collections and as usual I've pulled items from each to create this quick page.

Do you have special plans for today or this evening..........Valentine's is always a special day to be with the one who is near and dear to your heart. I'd love to see how you use this quick page to highlight your special day!

Snow and extreme cold weather is upon those of us in the north and eastern US......I hope everyone stays safe, and my heart goes out to those that have to be out in the bitter cold and driving on bad roads.  It's definitely a hot chocolate or tea kind of day.

You can pick up the quick page------------> Here

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Just a Quick Post

It's a busy day today! whew - time for a quick break.

This blog is going to go under a bit of construction. It needs to be updated in the worse way! You'll still be able to find all of my posts, but I want to reorganize it a bit so it's easier to find things and also update the look and format. The current format is very limiting. Not sure how long it's going to take since the only time I can really work on things is in the evening........but just be patience as I muddle through the process.

I want to highlight more of my quilting, gardening, and diy projects, yet don't stray too far because those digital quick pages will still be coming along! After all........the title of my blog is "A little Bit of This and That".......which just happens to bring up something else I have been thinking about........I may be renaming this blog.........to something like "On the Back Porch," "The DIY Woman," "The Lemon Tree" (because I love lemons! lol ) ........just not sure yet.

and........lest I forget - another quilt is nearly finished. I'll post pics once it's complete......and I'm expecting this Fat Quarter and template any day to start my next project :-) I love how bright and cheery this fabric is. The name is Just Dreamy 2 by My Minds Eye for Riley Blake Designs.

Here is the template.........for my next quilt which will be an orange peel pattern - All of the blocks must be appliqued and I'm excited to get started and will be more excited once it's complete. I think the combination of the fabrics and the pattern will be a great springtime quilt.   OOps..........time has slipped away......back to work!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

First Dance

I just have to share this photo of my granddaughter Lilly. This evening was her first dance (she's in 2nd grade) and she has been so excited about it!

My little scientist.........who stills loves to be girly. She is growing up way too fast!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lost Puppy

Budweiser once again creates an adorable and heart warming Super Bowl commercial..........and just like last years "Puppy Love" commercial it brought back memories of when Beau was a puppy.

I was a wreck! I had let Beau and Buddy out to use the potty and within a 15 minute time frame (long enough for me to fold a load of laundry and put another in the dryer) ........Beau was missing. Buddy was at the door as usual, but as I looked around the yard and called for Beau he was no where to be found. I was living way out in the country with the house up a very long lane. The property was surrounded by cow pastures and row crops with a CFO a field away.  I called, I walked the fields, the pastures, the creek, the woods edge down the hill from the house, out to the road and back and forth for the majority of the afternoon. Buddy was by my side the entire time as though he too was looking for his pal.  I was in tears. My little Golden was gone.

As night fell my heart sank.

The next day I made flyers and posted them everywhere, I called every veterinarian, animal shelter, and rescue place within a two county radius. Heck I even called the local Police and Sheriff.  I put out Ads online and offered a Reward for Beau return.

Days passed.........and nothing.

Then I noticed that Buddy kept going up to the truck and walking around it, looking up at it - he had never done that before. He kept looking over at the CFO and he would bark. Maybe he was trying to tell me something. So I took action.

I packed up Lilly and Buddy in the Jeep and drove over to the CFO. They already had one of the flyers I made, but I wanted to double check and ask if anyone had seen Beau. Nope............they said they hadn't. But something still tugged inside me. So I drove over the other CFO the company owned and spoke to the supervisor. .........I was stern, I gave him another flyer........I told him that if anyone knew something or had seen Beau they needed to contact me immediately........I made reference that I had contacted the local police, Sheriff, Veterinarians, etc........ then I left.

The next morning a man pulled up in the drive and as I walked out to greet him and ask what he needed he said, "Are you missing a puppy"..........I was floored. He had Beau at his house...........someone (so he says) had put Beau in the back of his truck and he didn't know Beau was there until he was nearly home (approximately 8-9 miles away). The man worked at the CFO next door. No wonder Buddy kept searching around the truck and barking over at the CFO! Smart dog!

I followed him home and there was Beau.......in their yard tied up. I walked over to him and tears streamed down my face as Beau jumped on me and gave me puppy kiss after puppy kiss!  I was filled with joy and relief! I presented the reward to the man and his wife and took Beau home. The pic above was taken that evening. It was a happy ending to a very stressful and worrisome ordeal. Within days Beau had a new micro-chip. Something I  highly suggest every pet owner do.

So with all of that said...........the Budweiser commercial brought back the memory of my lost dog and the happiness I felt as he jumped into my arms to take him home.

There's just something about puppies...........something about being in the country.........something about the friendship between pet owners, and between the pets themselves.............if it hadn't been for Beau's pal Buddy, I would never had went back over to the CFO.........Buddy knew what had happened to Beau.........and he let me know in his own special way. .........

and I know Beau misses his pal Buddy and    ..........just as I do.