Sunday, September 7, 2014

He has Pride!

All of us on the Weeds and Wildflowers Creative Team have been creating layouts using several kits. I mentioned it in an earlier post. It's a great way to expand your creativeness and think outside the box. Of course with so many kits, it's a bit more time consuming as you browse though everything to mix, match and coordinate your page.........but never fail you can create something that you'll love!

After 8 years in the Army, my son Lee was Honorably Discharged this month. His time as an active serviceman is complete. In honor of his time in the military and for the respect and dedication he has to his brother and sisters in arms, he got a new tattoo. I think it is very fitting, and he wears it with pride.

This page was created using the kits Everyday Life (papers, wordart), The Discover Collection (background stamps), and The Hope Collection (color stamps).

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Just Checking In

It's been pretty quiet on the Digi Scrapbook front, as Mel (Mel Hains Designs) got married last weekend (CONGRATS MEL!!) and Gina (Weeds and Wildflowers Designs) has been super busy with her sons HS football team. Both will be back in swing soon and I'll have more goodies to share with you.

Myself, I've been busy with late summer/early fall gardening. I've been fighting powdery mildew and Boxelder bugs on my cone flowers, brown-eyed susans, peonys, and both have most recently attacked the roses..............oh the little pests are a pain! I have been treating them with a pesticide and fungicide  and (keeping my fingers crossed) I think I got rid of both. I've also been splitting and transplanting lilies and one HUGE (4-5' wide) and TALL (4' tall) cone flower, I swear it was like digging up a tree! So far I have gotten 5 nice size starts out of it and still have another big clump I can split into 3 or 4 starts. 

Did I mention I LOVE coneflowers.........because I do! I have yellow, white, and raspberry right now but I have my eye on some red ones (Tomato Soup) and peach ones (Katie Saul) that are stunning! and how about the blue one (Blueberry Pie) - wow!  There are so many coneflower varieties to choose from, it is sometimes hard to decide. However, regardless of which one (or ones in my case) all of them together will provide a profusion of color in the garden.

I had written several posts about Hydrangeas back in the very early spring. My neighbor gave me a start off of his and it is coming along nicely! and.........hum....I just may have enough room to plant another one. Oh my........the garden designs and combinations are endless. To someday have acres and acres where I could create flower gardens would be a dream come true! But ya know what......dreams can come true!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Little Hope and A Little Happy Quick Page Freebie

I love combining the kits at Weeds and Wildflowers. It's one of my favorite things about Gina's designs. Have something in mind that's not in the kit your using..........just grab it from one of the other kits!

I've created a quick page for you using items from The Hope Collection and The Happiness Collection. Click on the QP previews for a closer look! At first glace of the kit previews you might not think they would coordinate, but when you look at everything together you can find they coordinate really well! I've included previews of both kits with my QP preview, though there are so many items to each kit I couldn't get them all on there!You can grab the quick page -------> HERE - and yep - it's a freebie! Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Another Fun Birthday Kit

Mel has another fun birthday kit that is now in the shop over at My Memories. The kit Many Years Older is a great kit for the men in your life, with deep rich colors and fun elements. As I have shown here with my CT page, you can use it for other themes besides just birthdays.  Here is my future son-in-law on an afternoon we were boating, tubing and having fun on the jet ski.

Mel's kit is currently on sale, so head over to My Memories and pick it up at a great price!


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Weeds and Wildlfowers!!

Weeds and Wildflowers turns 7 this weekend! To celebrate, Gina has created The Birthday Collection and it is sooooo dang cute! Bright colors, lots of adorable doodles, balloons, cakes, gifts! and the best part it's on sale right now ........get the entire bundle for only $8.00!

Plus WW is having a birthday sale with 20 to 50% off many items. The sale lasts until Tuesday, August 5th, so hurry over and pick up the kits you KNOW you want.

The CT are preparing some give-a-ways over at the shoppe so keep an eye out over the weekend and visit the shoppe to pick them up. I'll have a quick page here on my blog, so check back! :-)

Now Take a look at this GREAT kit..........

A Birthday for Girls - Pinks and purples .......oh My!

If you need a new Birthday kit you're in luck! Both Mel of Mel Hains Designs and Gina at Weeds and Wildflowers Designs have created adorable kits to celebrate the big day! This post highlights Mel's kit...........the next post will highlight the kit at Weeds and Wildflowers.

Mel's Birthday kit is Another Year Older - Girls and it is soooooo dang cute! You can find it over at My Memories and it's on sale right now. I created a couple of pages with the kit, one to highlight a birthday photo and another to show that the kit can also be used for non-birthday photos.

Friday, July 25, 2014

He's Another Year Older

Not sure who follows Mel, but she is getting ready for her wedding in August. How she is managing to put together sb kits in the mist of her planning is beyond me! She is a super woman for sure!

 She has a new kit being released today and it's so cute. It's Another Year Older - Boy and you can find it over at My Memories. Take a look at the pages I created for it and of course the kit previews.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

He is a Blessing

Today I remember going to the hospital on a hot July day......... 9 months pregnant and a basket of nerves; as I was in labor with my first child. I was so young and felt very overwhelmed with the new adventure my life was about to take on. My husband was with me, along with my parents ......I still remember my father pacing the floor and coming into the labor room (yes, the days of the "suites" had not yet come) to check on me. The labor was long and when everything was over ......I cradled a sweet red headed baby boy. My oldest son Lee Michael........I gave him my father's name for his middle name.

Lee is a a man I am so very very proud of and love so very much.

Lee is an adventurer, not one to sit idle for too long........from the day he began to walk and explore the world I knew he would always strive to be more than average. He loves living life to the fullest; is not afraid of the unknown; respects and honors his country, fellow man, woman child and animal; he reaches out to help others (strangers included) in time of need; and is always ready with a quick come back when joking with friends. He is a rock with a tender heart.

I think about the days when he pulled his little red wagon around the yard (even back then he loved anything with wheels!); the days I now laugh at as he went through those teenage years of "don't tell Mom." .......we both laugh at so many of the "coming of age" antics boys go through. "It's all good," as Lee times of innocent youth.

Yet today I think about the chubby little guy with the big grin; his first birthday party and him sitting on the lap of his Dad while diving both hands into his cake. I think about the day of his birth and how the years have flown by now that he is a man.........a man I am blessed and proud to say is my son; a man I love so very much. My oldest, my first born, the one that made me realize just how special it is to be a Mom.

Happy Birthday are one of my greatest accomplishments. I say it all the time.........but I will never tire of saying, "I love you."

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fun in the Sun and on the Beach

Tis the season for fun in the sun and on the beach!! Hope everyone is having a great summer thus far. The 4th of July (my favorite holiday!!) is just days away. I've been gearing up for a big party on Friday and creating decorations for a Flotilla parade on Saturday.  Pinterest has been my friend and has been giving me all sorts of ideas and inspiration.

In the meantime, I have a bit more inspiration for you using the new Discover Collection at Weeds and Wildflowers Design. This first page I used a combination of The Discover Collection and The Happiness Collection. It's the one thing I love most about Weeds and Wildflowers, all the kits coordinate with each other, and it's like having one huge collection! The 2nd page highlights more of The Discover Collection.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Time to Discover

There is a new collection at Weeds and Wildflowers and it is perfect for summer and vacations! The Discover Collection is HUGE.  If you only want parts of the collection you can create your own kit by using Gina's new DIY with each item only $1.00!

Here are some of my CT layouts and the collection preview.  I'm still working on more pages, as this kit is full of variety with lots of potential for different page theme (for a lack of a better way to say it - LOL)

Take a look!!